30 Life Principles Study Guide

30 Life Principles Study Guide LPSG
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You asked for it, and here it is--the perfect companion to the Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible. We've specifically designed this new study guide for your small group or Sunday School class, but it will also enrich personal Scripture reading.


Each lesson, which is based on one of Dr. Stanley's 30 Life Principles, includes:


- Life's Questions--Jumpstarts your discussion or journaling by helping you discover how each principle affects your life.
- What the Bible Says--Introduces a passage and related questions for study and reflection.
- What It Means--Gives key insights by means of a short devotion.
- Life Examples--Prompts further insights through a biblical example and related questions.
- Living the Principle--Helps you connect the teaching to real life.
- Life Lessons--Includes key truths for discussion, prayer, and application.