A Covenant Promise (CD)

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In Old Testament times, an especially significant agreement between two people was referred to as a covenant. The participants sometimes demonstrated the sincerity of their oaths by slicing a knife across their palms before sealing the deal with a handshake. Some covenants lasted far beyond the lifespans of those who initiated them, affecting generations of families, whole communities, even entire countries.

And at one very special moment, God Himself entered into such a contract with a man. In this message. Dr. Stanley leads us in examining God’s covenant with Abraham. The detail and precision with which God followed through on His promises to Abraham and his descendants, over several thousands of years, is a testament to His steadfast character and love for His people.

How far does God go to keep His promises? All the way to the cross … and beyond. As believers we are now inheritors of those promises. As we study the ways of our Father and partner in covenant, we marvel at the vast evidence of His unending faithfulness, and learn to trust Him more.