A God-Centered Message (CD)

A God-Centered Message (CD) 190714C
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You have a calling!


Does that surprise you? God provides every individual with special gifts, skills, and abilities, and He has a plan and purpose for you to use yours for His kingdom. But your success won’t be up to you—it’s a God-centered plan and your success will be rooted in your relationship with Him.


In the book of Exodus, God revealed to Moses His plan for this son of Hebrew slaves to lead His people out of Egypt. The story teaches us that God equips us for whatever He calls us to do, and He remains at the center through every difficulty, providing, directing, strengthening, and empowering us.


Listen as Dr. Stanley presents encouraging points about all that God can do when we’re willing to obey Him and surrender our lives to His service. Develop the faith and confidence to say, “Here am I, send me” (Isa. 6:8).