A True Confession (CD)

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Confessing our sins is a powerful—and essential—part of Christian life. Confession should ease our souls, restore intimacy with God, and set us on the road to victory over stubborn sins. So why is it common for Christians to confess the same transgressions over and over? Why don’t we have more success at leaving our faults behind, once we’ve brought them to God?

The answer can be found in how we’re confessing. In this message, Dr. Charles Stanley examines the mental process of confession and reveals a key reason why we get trapped in a cycle of repeated sin, even when we feel genuine regret. Actions are the fruit, but hidden attitudes are the root cause of our behavior, and they’ll keep bothering us until they’re addressed.

This practical and detailed message will help you examine your confession habits and make them deeper, more honest, and ultimately more effective. Stop confessing the same faults and get to the root of the matter. That’s the path to victory.

Hidden attitudes are the root of our behavior, and actions are the fruit.

This CD is part of the series "Helps To Holiness - Vol 1."