Advancing Through Adversity #5 (CD)

Advancing Through Adversity #5 AN124CD
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Is your life God-centered or self-centered?


In part five of this seven-sermon series, Dr. Charles Stanley explores our identification with Christ. God’s overall purpose is to glorify Himself by making us more like His Son. But if we fail to make God the center of our lives, He will often choose to get our attention through times of adversity.


When Christ died, we died. However, if we don’t accept our new identity in Christ, our old self-centered flesh will continue to call the shots. Adversity is one of the tools God uses to help see how much “self” is still deeply rooted in our lives.


To be truly free, our decisions must be based on God’s desires, rather than what we think will bring us happiness. Instead of going it alone, we must choose to go with God.


This message is part of the series "Advancing Through Adversity."