Advancing Through Adversity #7 (CD)

Advancing Through Adversity #7 AN264CD
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How should we respond to adversities in our life?


In his final message of this seven-sermon series, Dr. Charles Stanley teaches that there are three sources of adversity. Some are sent to us by God to test our faith. Others are the result of Satan’s attacks. And some are due to our own sinful choices.


The Lord can use our failures to teach us to fear Him, to hate evil, and to walk in obedience. The difficult lessons we learn from our sins’ consequences can become a means of protection from sin in the future. Having suffered the pain of going it alone, we’re more likely to avoid that path again.


As painful as those experiences may be, thanks belong to our heavenly Father, who cares enough to discipline us in love.


This message is part of the series "Advancing Through Adversity."