Adversity - Burden or Bridge? (CD)

Adversity - Burden or Bridge? 100829C
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No one wants to experience tough times. But when they come our way, we have a choice about how to view them: as a burden or a bridge. Many people believe that they draw closer to God through blessings. But we really discover God’s true love, mercy, and grace through difficult situations and circumstances. In this inspirational message, Dr. Stanley explains how adversity can be an overwhelming burden or a bridge that can take you to a place of indescribable intimacy with God. Through pain and hardship, God demonstrates how much we need His help.


This message is included in the fifth volume of the set, Life Principles to Live By.


Do you want to know God better? In this series, Dr. Stanley offers in-depth teaching on 30 principles that have guided his life and ministry—truths that will help you grow in love, knowledge, and service to our Lord.