Anticipating the Lord's Return (DVD)

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Do you ever ask, “When will Jesus Christ return to Earth?” This is probably the most common question people ask about the end times. In fact, Jesus’ disciples also wondered when they would see the Lord again. Although Jesus never gave a specific time, He reassured them that He would come again.


In “Anticipating the Lord's Return,” Dr. Stanley suggests that we actively invest our lives in seeking and obeying the will of God. We should evaluate our thoughts, activities, and priorities in light of Christ’s return, for He might return at any moment. Will you be ready?


This message is included in the fifth volume of the set, Life Principles to Live By.


Do you want to know God better? In this series, Dr. Stanley offers in-depth teaching on 30 principles that have guided his life and ministry—truths that will help you grow in love, knowledge, and service to our Lord.