Building Truth Into Your Life

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Truthfulness is an essential character quality for believers. When it’s lacking, both individuals and nations begin to crumble internally. Because Jethro understood this concept, he advised Moses, his son-in-law, to only appoint men to positions of leadership who feared God and hated dishonest gain (Ex. 18:21). But this character quality is not reserved only for the chosen few. We all influence others, so we must be people who know and speak truth.


In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explains how we can tell if we’re an honest person, the benefits of building truth in our lives, what happens when we fail to do so, and how we can integrate truth into our lives more.


Understanding truth’s importance is not enough. We can see from our past failures that dishonesty is never worth the consequences. Instead we must build honesty into our hearts and minds by recognizing truthfulness is a foundational principle for life, and filling our minds with God’s Word. Then, we will become trustworthy, reliable people whose words are true.