Can Your Conscience be your Guide?

Can Your Conscience be your Guide? 111023D
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A conscience is a gift from God, one that gives us the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong. And it only works well if it’s been shaped and developed by parents, elders, teachers, and friends who’ve influenced us as godly role models.


Contrary to popular opinion, its purpose is not to guide us, but rather to protect us. The Holy Spirit uses it to give us direction and clarity when making decisions. It is like a spiritual alarm clock that alerts us when what we’re doing is not in the center of God’s will.


Our heavenly Father has given each of us a conscience to assist us in making decisions, but some of ours are so damaged they no longer work as they should. We’ve said yes to wrong things so often that we are no longer aware of spiritual danger.


In this sermon, Dr. Stanley refers to seven different types of consciences revealed in Scripture:


- A Good Conscience
- A Pure Conscience
- A Blameless Conscience
- A Weak Conscience
- A Defiled Conscience
- An Evil Conscience
- Seared Conscience


He also explains when we can trust in this gift from God and challenges us to stop making decisions that damage it. Discover how you can walk in faith, protected by your conscience and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.