Direction Without Doubt

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When you have to make a very difficult decision in your life, do you face it with confidence or find yourself feeling a little intimidated? Many people make decisions and never know if their choice was really and truly correct.


Life is one continuous chain of decisions, and we all need to know how to seek God and hear His words of wisdom and direction. So many of our decisions affect not only ourselves, but also our families and friends. We want to be sure we’re making the best possible choices for our loved ones.


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains what it means to “fear the Lord” and shares how we can find God’s clear guidance by:


   1. Clearing the pathway
   2. Exercising patience
   3. Being alert to both internal and external pressures
   4. Persisting in prayer
   5. Resting in God’s promises
   6. Waiting for peace


In the Old Testament, God spoke through angels, signs, visions, and dreams. Today, we have God’s Word, which answers many questions we have today. Because of this, we can come to our heavenly Father knowing that He still speaks to people personally and will clearly direct His children.