Discovering the Will of God (DVD)

Discovering the Will of God (DVD) DACSDW5
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Both the small, daily pressures as well as the life-changing and overwhelming issues in life can make us feel as if we are under constant assault, nervous, and stressed. But God did not create us to live without hope or purpose. In fact, from before the beginning of the world, He has been orchestrating wondrous plans for our lives.


In this 5-message series, Dr. Charles Stanley takes us on a journey through God’s Word to discover the nature of the will of God. We need not be confused by crossroads, insecure and directionless, or feel like we are between a rock and a hard place when facing decisions. We can learn how to discern God’s intentions for our lives and pursue them with confidence.


“God created you and knows what He intended you to be. Don’t you want to experience His very best?”

–Charles F. Stanley


This series includes the messages:

The Will of God in Your Life
Looking Deeper Into the Will of God
The Rocky Road to the Will of God
How to Be Sure of God's Will
Before You Step out of the Will of God