Forgiveness - God's Grace Demonstrated

Forgiveness - God's Grace Demonstrated FGCD
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When you're tempted to give into a bitter spirit, remember that if you won't forgive others, God won't forgive you. You know what it's like to experience pain and the resentment it causes. Dr. Stanley shows it's in your best interest to avoid bitterness by taking advantage of the cleansing power of forgiveness. Learn how freeing the Lord's grace can be.


This series includes the following messages:


- "The Foundation of Our Forgiveness #1"
- "Forgiveness: A Matter of Life and Death #2"
- "Our Forgiving Father #3"
- "Confession and Our Forgiveness #4”
- "Forgiving One Another #5”
- "Forgiving One Another #6”
- "Forgiving One Another #7”
- "Forgiving Ourselves #8”