God's Purpose for Your Life

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In this 365-day devotional, trusted pastor Dr. Charles F. Stanley offers us assurance, comfort, and boldness in our relationship with Christ.


How can we rest in the truth that God has a purpose for us--a purpose He promises to fulfill? How can we know we are following God's good and perfect will? In& God's Purpose for Your Life, Charles F. Stanley shows us that God's plans for each of us are even more wonderful than we can imagine.


Throughout this yearlong devotional, you will feel empowered to make godly goals and joyfully obey God's Word in all circumstances. Each day offers a Scripture reading, a thoughtful application from Dr. Stanley, and a brief prayer. Whether in a season of fruitfulness or a season of drought, you will love Dr. Stanley's wise, inspiring teaching as you discover day by day what it means to live a life of purpose.


Measures 5 9/10 inches x 1 1/5 inches x 8 3/5 inches, 400 pages