God's Stress Remover

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Many people try to escape their anxious feelings with medications, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or anything that brings relief. But none of these methods are truly effective. The ultimate solution only comes from God, and He’s freely provided it to every one of His children.


In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about how spending time alone with the Lord sets us free from stress. It can:


- Make our busy days more fruitful
- Repair damage
- Equip us to face the tough days
- Create surprising moments.
- Strip us of pride.
- Protect our health.
- Make a difference in relationships
- Give peace and joy
- Give greater strength from the Lord
- Produce greater trust in God
- Help us develop a deeper relationship with the Lord


How do you normally handle stress in your life? Next time, decide to go to God in quiet solitude and experience the rejuvenation only He can give.