Healing Damaged Emotions

Healing Damaged Emotions HEALDVD


Our emotions are a gift from God. He gave them to us so we could enjoy life and express what is in our hearts.


But sometimes we have negative feelings that can be hurtful to ourselves and others. These emotions have the potential to hinder our walk with the Lord and ruin our relationships. Instead of sharing joy, peace, and goodness with people, we end up hurting them because we act out of insecurity and frustration.


In this six-part series, Dr. Stanley teaches us how to handle the potentially damaging emotions of anxiety, guilt, fear, rejection, anger, and unforgiveness. He not only explains what they are and how they cripple us, but also what we can do to overcome them.


For better or worse, our feelings are powerful and influential. Don’t let destructive ones keep you from living the emotionally healthy life God has for you.


This series includes:

   1. Victory Over Anxiety
   2. Victory Over Guilt
   3. Victory Over Fear
   4. Victory Over Rejection
   5. Victory Over Anger
   6. Victory Over Unforgiveness