Holding Too Tightly

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God is the source of every good thing that comes our way. Sometimes people take advantage of those blessings by investing them wisely. Others, however, hold on to them so tightly that they lose them, and end up squandering the good things God sends their way.


In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about things we struggle to relinquish and the reasons we often hold on too tightly: pride, fear of loss, wrong values, jealousy, or a distrust of God. He also shares biblical examples of those who wouldn’t let go. What are you holding too tightly?


This message is included in the fourth volume of the set, Life Principles to Live By.


Do you want to know God better? In this series, Dr. Stanley offers in-depth teaching on 30 principles that have guided his life and ministry—truths that will help you grow in love, knowledge, and service to our Lord.