How To Choose Your Destiny

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What happens after death? This mystery looms large in the hearts of many people. But the good news is that this mystery has been laid bare in God’s Word.

In the series How to Choose Your Destiny, Dr. Stanley explains the biblical view on life after death. With clarity and boldness, he outlines the only two options for each and every one of us: eternal union with God or eternal separation.

The reality that we can choose our eternal destiny is a sobering one. Yet it’s also empowering—God has made a way for us to come home with Him forever. Will you live your earthly life with eternity in mind?

This series includes the messages:

Where Will You Spend Eternity?
Objections to Belief in Eternal Punishment
Solemn Warning to Those Who Reject Christ
Our Eternal Home Part 1
Our Eternal Home Part 2
The Final Judgement