How-Tos for Mothers (DVD Series)

How-Tos for Mothers HTMDVD


Mothers have an overwhelming responsibility to raise godly children. But the good news is that every believer has the Holy Spirit to enable, strengthen and encourage her to pass on a rich spiritual inheritance.


In this message, Dr. Stanley teaches that parents leave a legacy with their children in three ways: by the pattern of their lives, by the principles they follow and by the power of their words.


Of all the things you wish to give your children, a godly inheritance should be a priority. Gain insight into God's perspective on Christian parenting and how to develop a legacy of faith that will be passed on for generations.


This series includes the messages:

- "The Impact of a Godly Parent"
- "Training Our Children"
- "A Mother's Greatest Gift"
- "Leaving a Godly Inheritance"