Kids’ Activity and Devotional Bundle

Kids’ Activity and Devotional Bundle CBBUN20


Keep them busy and growing in the Lord!


Would you love to provide the children in your life with fun ways to learn about God and draw closer to Him?


Vacations, mornings at home, weekend afternoons—kids are always looking for something to do. Why not give them an activity or devotional that teaches them biblical truth and guides them to reach for Jesus?


Our Kids’ Activity and Devotional Bundle includes a 2-volume coloring book set and a 365-day devotional to help kids develop their relationship with Christ.


This bundle takes the work out of endlessly finding things to do for energetic little ones. Great for parents, relatives, Sunday school teachers, and anyone who wants to provide children wholesome fun that builds their faith. Enjoy a godly pastime with the kids in your life. You’ll be glad you did—and so will they.


Life Principles Coloring & Activity Books, Vols. 1 & 2 includes Bible stories, interesting puzzles, entertaining activities, and interactive questions to make learning about the Bible fun and meaningful for children. The books present 12 of Dr. Stanley’s Life Principles and make them easy to understand and remember, so children can learn about God’s ways and enjoy life at its very best.


- Each volume: 56 pages
- 5.75 inches wide x 7.75 inches long
- Ages 4-7


Every Day with Jesus is Dr. Charles Stanley’s first-ever devotional for children, and shares his message of spending time each day with Jesus to develop a strong faith. This devotional is seamlessly coordinated with the devotional for adults, Every Day in His Presence (sold separately). Adults and children read the same theme and Scripture each day; the children’s version addresses issues relevant to kids. Every reading includes a devotional message, Scripture, prayer, and daily takeaway to help young believers develop an intimate and rich relationship with Jesus.


- 385 pages
- 9 inches wide x 12 inches long
- Ages 6-10