Landmines in the Path of...

Landmines in the Path of... 5LANDDB
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As a believer, you face an intense spiritual battle against an enemy who will do anything to defeat you. To keep you from becoming the person God created you to be, Satan will hide explosive dangers along your path to wound you and devastate your effectiveness for the kingdom of God. Thankfully, because of God's great provision, you don't have to fall victim to the enemy's tactics.

In this powerful 5-part series, Dr. Stanley shows you how to avoid the temptations that the enemy will use to trip you up. In it, you'll learn how to uncover and defuse:
  • The Landmine of Compromise
  • The Landmine of Slothfulness
  • The Landmine of Unforgiveness
  • The Landmine of Fear
  • The Landmine of Sexual Sins