The Character of God - Volume 2 (CD)

The Character of God - Volume 2 (CD) CA19A2
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“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 96:10).

When we love someone deeply, we instinctively devote ourselves to learning all we can about them—their personality and nature, their patterns and characteristics, what makes them unhappy and what brings them joy. The Creator and God of the universe knows us on this intimate level, and He desires to be known by us as well. The knowledge of God is the highest knowledge we can ever attain and it will make a powerful difference in how we live our lives.

In this series, Dr. Stanley examines the character of God as revealed to us in Scripture. He is not a distant divinity but wants us to know Him in all His attributes—loving and righteous, gentle and just, all-powerful and all-knowing. As our understanding of who He is increases, we will walk with Him more intimately in greater faith and trust.

This second volume includes the messages: