The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Journal

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“I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my daily bread.”
—Job 23:12 NIV


What does it mean to treasure God’s Word? And how do you do it? If we’re honest with ourselves, glancing through the Bible once a day isn’t enough to sustain our walk with God, much less nourish our souls. We need intentional, focused time when we zero in on His Word, thoughtfully savoring each scripture. The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Journal will guide you in this essential practice. Whether you’re a new or seasoned journaler, this journal will center your heart on God’s truths and apply them to your life.


You’ll find these features:
- Beautiful artwork of Dr. Charles Stanley’s 30 Life Principles
- Scripture verses on every page
- Plenty of lined pages for writing
- Reflection questions
- A Prayer Requests section to record petitions and answers
- A Scripture guide of God’s Promises


When we take time each day to contemplate what we’re reading in the Bible, writing down questions, observations, prayer needs, and concerns, we begin to internalize priceless scriptural truths. And when that happens, we too can say along with Job, “I have treasured His words.”


Softcover, 6 x 8, pages