The Life That Wins

The Life That Wins TLTWCD


God wants you to win at life. And once you’ve accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are equipped for victory here on earth. But it’s hard to overcome defeat in your daily struggles when you don’t know everything God has done for you—or what’s required to receive His conquering power. Find out the truth about your identity in Christ, God’s definition of success, and why surrendering yourself to Him is the secret to real and lasting triumph.


In this 12-part series, Dr. Stanley reveals the traps that may be keeping you from true success in your Christian walk, and shares the key for stepping out into victory.


Be empowered to live the life God has provided for you, full of His love, joy, peace, and freedom—the life that wins.


This series includes the messages:

How to Enter In
The Friend Within
Based on Relationship
God's Gracious Gift
The Yielded Life
The Cleansed Life
The Liberated Life
A Life of Dependence
The Law of Sin and Death
Crucified With Christ
The Key to Victory
The Real Issue