Understanding Financial Stewardship

Understanding Financial Stewardship FSSGRV


What does a prosperous Christian’s life look like? Many people today have a distorted view on this subject. Some teach that God wants His people to be healthy and wealthy, while others believe that the truly spiritual person avoids the pursuit of riches. But what does the Bible say? What is God’s definition of being truly wealthy?

His plan for you goes far beyond mere financial security, because He inhabits your whole life. He wants you to flourish in all areas, not just in monetary ones.

In this study, Dr. Stanley examines the principles of stewardship, especially those pertaining to your financial resources. He teaches you:

- How to find freedom from debt
- The role of work in a Christian life
- The laws of divine blessing
- And much more

You will gain insight into sound biblical principles for managing your money, and you will also understand how to live life at its very best.

Also available in a 6-pack for small groups.