Unshakable Faith In Uncertain Times (CD Series)

Unshakable Faith in Uncertain Times CMFAITHCB


When storms arise in your life and victory seems impossible, Dr. Stanley’s Unshakable Faith in Uncertain Times series will prove a valuable resource that can help deepen your faith. At such times, believers have a choice by responding to adversity with faith or with fear, doubt and anxiety. Dr. Stanley shares the keys to staying on course in the midst of any struggle.


This series includes the following messages:
- Comfort in the Midst of Tragedy
- God’s Purpose in the Storm
- Confidence in Troublesome Times
- When Things Seem Impossible
- The Key to Surviving the Tough Times of Life
- The Convictions We Live By
- Levels of Faith in the Life of the Believer
- The Foundation of Unwavering Faith