Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

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We know that God loves everyone, but this wonderful truth has been twisted to mean that He would never limit His grace by claiming Jesus is the only way to be saved. This is why so many falsely believe if they are good people who believe in God and ask Him for forgiveness, they’ll go to heaven. This message sounds comforting, but human goodness will never be enough.


In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explains who Christ is, why He had to die, and why we must accept Him as our Savior in order to be reconciled to God. To combat false teaching, we need to understand some important truths:


- Jesus’ death was essential in God’s plan of salvation.
- The death of Christ was necessary to accomplish God’s desires for mankind.
- The Lord’s justice requires payment for sin.
- Justification is only possible through the blood of Christ.
- Our forgiveness is purchased by the shed blood of Jesus.
- Jesus is our substitute.
- It is finished.


Our Father’s plan is truly amazing. Faith is all that’s required of us. When we acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God who died in our place and accept Him as our substitute, the Lord forgives us. We enter into a relationship with Him, one that can never be broken.