A Father's Greatest Gift To His Children

A Father's Greatest Gift To His Children AR217CD
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Everyone needs to be loved. While God loves us all unconditionally, people can have a hard time accepting His love if they’ve never experienced it from another human being.


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains that a father’s rejection and abuse have long-term effects. Whether his actions are subtle or overt, his kids will grow up with poor images of themselves and of God. Instead, when a godly father gives his children unconditional love and acceptance, he:


1. Provides the proper biblical image of God for them.
2. Paves the way for them to accept the Lord Jesus Christ early in life.
3. Promotes good self-esteem and self-image for them.
4. Protects them from developing a rebellious spirit.
5. Prepares them to develop good relationships with other people.


Parents should never be too busy to show their children they love them. Start sharing the great gift of unconditional acceptance with your kids today.


This message is part of the series "How To's For Fathers