How To's For Fathers

How To's For Fathers HTFCD
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Hammers and duct tape come in handy around the house, but unconditional love is a dad’s best tool. While there’s a wealth of information available on parenting, Christian fathers recognize the need for a godly approach in raising their kids and developing meaningful relationships with them.


As a father and pastor, Dr. Stanley believes that allowing your kids to see your faith in action builds intimacy and reinforces the truths you are teaching them. Learn to equip your parenting “toolbox” with essentials like forgiveness, mercy and honesty. Discover the joy of connecting with and preparing your children for the future.


This series includes the messages:


- "A Father’s Greatest Gift to His Children"
- "The Kind of Father Every Child Needs"
- "Influence By Example"
- "When Has a Father Provided for His Family?"