A Mother's Greatest Gift #2 (DVD)

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Mothers are givers by nature. They generously and selflessly serve their husbands, children, and others. Yet it’s important to consider the principal contribution a mother makes to her child’s life—a godly heritage.


How would you characterize your faith? Is it weak and easily challenged, or is it a strong, persevering confidence in the Lord’s love and provision? Whether you realize it or not, the depth of your faith will impact your children’s lives. Through your words and actions, you’ll either teach your kids to trust God or to reject Him. Your children need a faithful, godly example they can cling to as they face a world that often outright rejects the Lord.


In this message, Dr. Stanley shares how you can pass on your faith by:

- Teaching your kids biblical principles.
- Modeling the pattern.
- Being persistent.
- Participating.
- Praising your children.
- Praying for your children.
- Planning.


Sharing your faith will forever alter children’s lives. Learn how your influence can be the greatest gift you ever give them.


This sermon is part of the series "How-To's for Mothers."