A Servant's Heart (CD Series)

A Servant's Heart SHCD
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A servant’s greatest strength is a humble spirit. In today’s world, it’s rare to find someone who is genuinely interested in helping others without asking for something in return.


In this 6-sermon series, Dr. Stanley teaches there’s no greater example of self-sacrifice and humility than Jesus Christ. The Lord perfectly modeled sacrificial giving. Our Savior left the Father’s side and entered the world as a true servant, ready to die for the sins of mankind.


Discover that serving God and others can be one of life’s greatest rewards.


The six sermons include:

- "The Requirements of Servanthood"
- "A True Servant"
- "Serving God's Purpose"
- "Equipped For Service"
- "The Rewards of Service"
- "The Key to Servanthood"