A Tool of the Tempter (CD)

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Satan tries to tempt people in two ways—either by speaking directly to their own spirit using their emotions or by working indirectly through someone else. We must be careful because whether or not we are believers, when we entice someone else to sin, we become a tool of the tempter, a servant of the devil.


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains how we might be tempted to lead someone else into sin and warns us of the tragic consequences of doing so. In fact, Jesus says it would be better that we were dead than cause one of His children to stumble (Matt. 18:6).


In the eyes of God, it is never excusable to entice someone to live in sin. If you have done so, it is time to repent and ask God to forgive you. Then, commit yourself to a life of encouragement and edification in the lives of others.


This sermon is part of the series, "Winning the War With Temptation."