Winning the War with Temptation

Winning the War with Temptation WTWCD
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Do you struggle with the same temptation over and over again? Sometimes, you consider giving in to it because you’re convinced you won’t be able to resist forever. Or perhaps you feel you’re in bondage to something that has such a hold on you it seems you’ll never be free.


The good news is that Christ has provided a way for us to overcome these struggles. In this series, Dr. Stanley walks through the misunderstandings people have about temptation and how it entices us to sin. He also shares how we can defend ourselves against it and what to do when we fail.


This series includes the messages:


- "Who's to Blame?"
- "The Appeal"
- "At the Peak of Pressure"
- "Playing With Fire"
- "The Key Question"
- "A Tool of the Tempter"
- "Our Self Defense (Part One)"
- "Our Self Defense (Part Two)"
- "Our Self Defense (Part Three)"
- "Our Misunderstandings"
- "Why We Continue to Fail"
- "After We Fail, What Then?"