After We Fail, What Then? (CD)

After We Fail, What Then? AU216CD
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No matter how much we promise God we won’t fail, we will do so at times. When that happens, what do we do?


In this message, Dr. Stanley gives seven suggestions about what to do when we give into temptation:

1. Genuinely repent before God.
2. Accept God’s forgiveness.
3. Make restitution.
4. Receive God’s discipline willingly.
5. Learn our lesson.
6. Seek godly counsel.
7. Wisely share God's grace and power in our temptation experiences.


We all wish we could get to the point that we never fail. However, it isn’t a matter of if, but when. We can either refuse to face the truth and become useless to the kingdom of God, or we turn to our heavenly Father and become valuable vessels for Him.


This sermon is part of the series, "Winning the War With Temptation."