Can You Still Trust God?

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When things are going your way, trusting the Lord is easy. But what happens when painful trials, unmet needs, or lost hopes assail you? Keeping your confidence in God when you’re hurting or confused can be difficult. Charles Stanley has written often and sensitively on coping with adversity in Christian life. Now, in a new compilation of his best writings on the topic, Dr. Stanley shares wisdom for believing God’s goodness and receiving His blessings, even in the most trying of times.


“I know several people who are mad at God because of the adversity that has come their way. …While there may be those initial moments of shock and confusion, the man or woman who has God’s perspective on life will always emerge victorious!” —Dr. Charles Stanley 


Recent trials and uncertainty have dramatically changed our world. And sometimes when we hurt, we conclude God doesn’t care or won’t help us. Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?


• Can I really trust God through everything I face? Will God help me?
• Why would God allow me to experience sorrow and difficulty? 
• If God is all-powerful and loving, why doesn’t He meet all my needs right now? 
• How do I listen to God? Am I missing what He’s saying to me?


Putting your trust in the Lord is easier when you know certain truths about His character. Learn who God is and what you can do to increase your faith. When you choose to believe, God begins to act. Find out all a loving and sovereign God will do for those who trust Him, from removing fear and aiding prayer, to meeting needs and pointing the way.


This book will:

• Grow your confidence that God is in control and will provide and protect. 
• Address a universal need for comfort as a result of the global pandemic.
• Help resolve the anxiety and anger that can come from asking, Where is God in the middle of all of this?  
• Share three essential beliefs for trusting God, and help you assess your own willingness to trust. 
• Encourage blessings in your life as you learn to embrace the wise truths shared here.


Can You Still Trust God? What Happens When You Choose to Believe? is a message of hope for Christians struggling to reconcile suffering with a loving God. You can face any circumstance with confidence and hope when you rely on Him.


This book contains material from previously published works. Its contents have been specially selected and edited to give you the strength and encouragement to face today’s challenging circumstances.


Hardcover, 6 x 9, 352 pages