Dealing With Temptation Wisely (DVD)

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Many times, when people yield to temptation, they respond by defending their actions and blaming others. If we want to behave in a godly manner, we have to learn the right way to deal with temptation.


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains what temptation is and how it works. He also describes ways we can deal with it including:


- Taking responsibility
- Focusing on the big picture
- Identifying the areas in which we are weakest
- Being more alert to temptation when we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired (H.A.L.T.)
- Visualizing doing the right thing
- Making ourselves accountable to other people
- Staying in the Word of God
- Praying


The Enemy strives to entice our natural, God-given desires to go beyond God-given boundaries, an enticement to disobey God, rebel against Him and have it our way. Will you let him cause repeated heartache and pain in your life? Learn to defend yourself against his temptations and live free of his destructive power.


This message is part of the series "Wisdom from Above."