Discipline Determines Destiny

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As followers of Christ, we know the blessings and positive consequences of fulfilling the Lord’s will for our lives. However, our obedience isn’t something that just happens naturally—it requires discipline.


There are two kinds of discipline in the life of the believer: self-discipline and divine discipline. Self-discipline is how we stay in control of our attitudes and actions through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Divine discipline is from the Lord. It’s how God corrects us when we disobey Him or step out of His will.


Without self-control and the Lord’s chastisements, we’ll never become the people God created us to be. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains why we need both kinds of discipline. Discover what happens when we live a disciplined life—and what happens when we don’t. Also, learn about these seven key principles that’ll help you master this skill:


1. Have a definite goal or purpose.
2. Attach to the objective and detach from distractions.
3. Pursue your goal with diligence.
4. Be consistent about seeking your objective daily.
5. Practice self-control.
6. Say “no” to hindrances in the strength of the Holy Spirit.
7. Accept failures as opportunities to start again.


Start living a disciplined life and discover the destiny God has planned for you!