God is in Control

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In God Is In Control, Dr. Stanley's powerful message is simply that you can recognize, appreciate, and rely on God's sovereignty even when your whole world seems out of control. In a world where circumstances constantly change, you can still have peace because of the Lord's faithfulness to provide generously for all your needs.

Additionally, Dr. Stanley's nature photography will bless you by offering unique glimpses of the natural beauty crafted by God. Whether a graduate, parent, or simply someone going through a challenging time, God Is In Control offers direction, trust, and hope. Learn how blessed you are to have a God who is always in control.

Chapter titles include:

- God Is in Everything
- The Lord Is Our Shepherd
- God Offers Unshakable Peace
- God Comforts Us
- God Is in Control


Hardcover, 5 x 7, 128 pages