In All Things Give Thanks (DVD Set)

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What does it take to create a heart that is truly grateful in any and all circumstances? In this two-sermon set, Dr. Stanley reveals the secret to cultivating a truly thankful heart. It begins with knowing who we are in Christ and recognizing the treasure we have in Him—what a privilege it is to have an intimate relationship with the Son of God!  When we begin to take stock of His overwhelming provision in our lives, we will find the hope and contentment needed to develop a spirit of genuine thankfulness.


Many people find it easy to be thankful when things are going well but quite another thing to give thanks when the world seems to be falling apart. According to Dr. Stanley, the key to maintaining gratefulness in every situation is to know that God is always in control. When we focus on Him and practice thanksgiving, our troubles and frustrations lose the place they once occupied in our hearts and minds. They are displaced by reminders of God’s provision and renewed trust in Him, which infuses us with the energy we need to persevere.


This set of sermons is for those who want to learn how and why to be thankful in every season of life—the good times and the difficult trials. It includes the messages:

 - “A Thankful Heart”
- “The Reach Of Our Thanksgiving”