Opportunities Before Us (DVD Set)

Opportunities Before Us OPPDVD


How will you take advantage of the opportunities God has for you?


Throughout our lives, the Lord presents us with challenges that require us to make decisions. We must step through an open door of opportunity in faith—accepting a new avenue of service, helping someone in need, or simply responding to a difficult situation in a manner that honors Him. During these times, the Father teaches us to follow Him closely and reveals His will and purpose for our lives.


Every opportunity is a gift—an occasion to make a positive impact on our lives and the lives of others. But often we have trouble recognizing opportunities when they appear, and we encounter difficulty in knowing how to respond when we do recognize them.


In this powerful 4-part set, Opportunities Before Us, Dr. Charles Stanley shows you how to identify and make the most of the wonderful possibilities God has given you.


This series includes the messages:

- "Passing Opportunity"
- "Responding to Our Opportunities"
- "When Opportunities Appear"
- "Turning Our Crisis Into an Opportunity"


Do not miss another God-given opportunity! Learn how to recognize and embrace the open doors of possibility the Father has provided for you.