The Path of Spiritual Maturity (DVD Series)

The Path of Spiritual Maturity PATHDVD


The beginning of every endeavor requires a first step.


An entirely new life awaits those who take steps toward spiritual maturity, but some beliefs about that life are far from the truth. In this 3-part series, The Path of Spiritual Maturity, Dr. Stanley describes the steps, the pitfalls, and the erroneous assumptions associated with growing as a Christian.


Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior is only the beginning. From there, many new followers are left without any guidance as to how to proceed. How do I start a personal relationship with Him? What does it mean to grow spiritually? How is the Bible my spiritual compass? How could I possibly serve the almighty God?


Christ’s love is unconditional and eternal. Learn how to grow and thrive in your walk of faith with a promise, a purpose, and a plan.


This series includes the messages:

- "The First Step - Salvation"
- "The Second Step - Growth"
- "The Third Step - Service"