In the School of Faith (DVD Series)

In the School of Faith ISFDVD


Do you trust God? Do you have faith that He truly has your best interests at heart and is faithful to lead you? If you’re experiencing hardships or trials, these may not be easy questions to answer. However, trust is vital in your relationship with the Lord, and He will enroll you in His classroom of faith in order to strengthen your walk with Him.


In his inspiring six-part sermon series, In the School of Faith, Dr. Stanley teaches you his timeless, biblically-based principles about walking in perfect trust with your heavenly Father. Become a lifelong learner. Discover more about God and what it means to rely on Him daily.


Sermons in this series include:
- A Saving Faith
- Advancing in Faith
- The Stages of Our Faith
- Wavering Faith
- Suffering a Faith Failure
- Walking in Faith


More resources to help you in your walk of faith with God:
- How to Listen to God
- All Our Anxieties
- Eternal Security—Can You Be Sure?
- Handbook for Christian Living
- Unshakable Faith in Uncertain Times