The Power Of Patience (DVD Set)

The Power Of Patience PATDVD


While patience is an attribute of God, it does not come naturally to us. One only needs to watch a two-year-old waiting to eat to find evidence of that truth. Instead, it is something we must learn. We must practice saying, “I’m willing to let go of what I want or think I need, and I’ll wait for God to supply.”

In this series, Dr. Stanley shares what patience looks like in the life of a believer, how we can increase our ability to wait, and how this virtue can lead to great blessings. Also, find out what happens when we are impatient, and how God patiently waits for us.

Messages in this series include:

1. The Powerful Attribute of Patience
2. The Consequences of Impatience
3. Expressing Patience
4. Developing Patience
5. The Rewards of Patience
6. The Patience of God

Patience is more than just waiting for something to happen or tolerating our circumstances. It’s about trusting in the Lord’s timing and believing that He wants the best for us. Will you learn to wait on Him?