The Promises of God (DVD Series)

The Promises of God TPGDVD


We all make promises, but not everyone follows through. Thankfully, not only does God keep His promises, but it’s also in His nature to do so. He promises to forgive, provide, heal, and comfort us as well as to answer our prayers and help in times of trouble.


In this six-part series, Dr. Stanley shares how we can claim the Lord’s promises and respond in faith. The promise of healing is discussed at length, including the many ways God healed people in the Old Testament as well as how Jesus performed it as part of His earthly ministry. Dr. Stanley also explains that the Lord used the apostles to heal others and that the Great Physician restores us today. Learn to rely on God’s faithfulness in keeping His promises and enjoy the peace that comes with trusting your heavenly Father.


Includes the messages:

- "Our God of Promise"
- "God's Precious Promises"
- "The Fulfillment of a Promise"
- "How to Claim a Promise"
- "The Promise to Heal"
- "Help for Our Healing"