Guidance From the Garden (DVD Set)

Guidance from the Garden GGDVD
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In the beginning, God created. Light, birds, trees, mountains, oceans—all of it was beautiful, an overflow of God’s glory and love. And with man, God outdid Himself, pronouncing His ultimate creation “very good.” But with one bite, Adam and Eve redefined everything.


What can we learn from their experience in the Garden? Even though it was written long ago, the lessons found in Genesis are still pertinent to our lives today. In this series, Dr. Stanley shares how Adam and Eve were deceived, the consequences they had to face, and the beauty of God’s forgiveness. Understand how the story began, apply its principles to your life, and avoid Satan’s deception.>


This series includes the messages:
- ”Be Careful When All Is Well”
- “The Great Deception”
- “Lessons Learned in the Garden of Eden”
- “The Consequences of Disobedience in the Garden”