Living Triumphantly: A Study of First Peter (Complete Set)

Living Triumphantly: A Study of First Peter (Complete Set) FPSETCD


What should we do when following Jesus leads us into trouble and persecution? And how should we understand those times when our faith in Christ brings opposition rather than peace?


First Peter was written to encourage persecuted believers, to remind them that their Rock of security during times of trial and persecution is Jesus Christ. And just as it was true for those first-century believers, God promises you there is a way to face trials that goes beyond mere survival—a path of victory that will lead you into a closer walk with our loving heavenly Father.


Trials and hardships in this broken world are inevitable—but our great God is in the business of making broken things beautiful. And He promises to use the difficulties we face for our good. Over the course of 18 messages, divided into three volumes, Dr. Stanley encourages us to rest in the Lord, to cling to Him when the world seems to be collapsing all around. There is no more secure place than in His arms.


When trials come—and they will—will you be triumphant?



Volume One includes the sermons:

- “Triumphant Over Trials”
- “The Foundation of Our Security”
- “Proper Perspective in Trouble”
- “The Revelation of Our Salvation”
- “Readiness for the Rough Times”
- “The Believer’s Conduct”


Volume Two includes the sermons:

- “Loving Through Tough Times”
- “Spiritual Growth”
- “The Encouragement of Our True Identity”
- “The Power of a Godly Influence”
- “Christian Relationships”
- “Believers Under Assault”


Volume Three includes the sermons:

- “The Redemptive Suffering of Christ”
- “Purity and Persecution”
- “Living in the Last Days”
- “The Scriptural View of the Undershepherd”
- “How to Resist the Devil”
- “How We Profit From Suffering”