Discovering Our True Identity: A Study of Ephesians (Complete Set)

Discovering Our True Identity: A Study of Ephesians (Complete Set) DOTSET


How do you describe yourself to others? While you might be a parent, friend, coworker, or neighbor, none of these roles can define who you are as a child of God. Instead, a Christian’s self portrait ought to be based on his or her personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.


Discover your true identity by studying the book of Ephesians with Dr. Stanley as he walks through the principles the apostle Paul taught in this encouraging epistle. Each of the 31 messages, divided into five volumes, will bring you closer to understanding what it means to live “in Christ” and how that knowledge ought to direct your every action.


Volume One includes the sermons :


- “In Christ”
- “Wealthy Saints”
- “Chosen Saints”
- “Redeemed Saints”
- “Heirs to a Grand Inheritance”
- “Enlightened Saints”


Volume Two includes the sermons :


- “God’s Offer of Grace”
- “God’s Masterpiece”
- “Members of His Body”
- “Part of God’s Great Mystery”
- “Recipients of His Riches”
- “Walking Worthy Of Your Calling”


Volume Three includes the sermons :


- “A Worthy Walk”
- “Saints Tossed To and Fro”
- “Walking in Holiness”
- “Laying Aside the Old Self”
- “The Challenge of Christian Conversation”
- “Walking in Love”


Volume Four includes the sermons :


- “Walking in the Light”
- “Walking in the Spirit”
- “Key to Harmony in the Home”
- “The Message of Marriage”
- “Raising Your Children Right”
- “Overcoming the Unpleasant”


Volume Five includes the sermons :


- “The Believer's Warfare—The Enemy”
- “Our Enemy–His Position”
- “Our Enemy—His Power”
- “Our Enemy—His Strategy (Part 1)”
- “Our Enemy—His Strategy (Part 2)”
- “Dressed For The Battle”
- “The Battle Of Prayer”