Liberated by Faith: A Study of Galatians: 2-Volume set

Liberated by Faith: A Study of Galatians: 2-Volume set GLTCD
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The apostle Paul portrays a freedom for our lives that comes by the love of Jesus Christ rather than through the Mosaic law. Through these 15 messages, Dr. Stanley examines Paul’s letter to the Galatians verse by verse, unpacking a biblical understanding of spiritual liberation through God’s grace. Paul tells us that God wants His children to live free from religious legalism and be motivated by faith in Him. As we learn to rely on the Holy Spirit, we discover the joys of leading a Christian life.


Volume One includes the sermons:

- “A Declaration of Freedom”
- “Relapse From Liberty”
- “In Defense of Our Liberty”
- “The Foundation of Our Liberty—Part 1”
- “The Foundation of Our Liberty—Part 2”
- “The Key to Liberty”
- “Liberated by Faith”


Volume Two includes the sermons:

- “Liberated Unto Sonship”
- “A Personal Plea for Liberty”
- “Standing Firm in Your Liberty”
- “Liberty, but Not License”
- “The Obligation of Liberty”
- “The Cross: Where Liberty Begins—Part 1”
- “The Cross: Where Liberty Begins—Part 2”
- “Liberty’s Brands“